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Puppy Proofing

My husband and I recently decided to get a puppy. Reflecting now, this was a decision that I took rather lightly, to be quite honest. We have an 8 year old tri colored cocker spaniel, named Tucker, that is such a gentleman. I joined Tucker's pack when I married his owner, Josh two years ago. Tucker was 6 and full grown. I didn’t consider the amount of training that has gone into Tucker in his lifetime. Now, stories of Tucker’s former misdeeds punctuate the conversation during clean ups thanks to the arrival of Frasier, also known as McBoogerballs. That knowledge would have been good information prior to deciding to get a puppy! Oh, by the way, I have never had a puppy!! Tucker is unsure as of this article whether he wants to keep said puppy. This fact should be noted.

With Frasier, puppy proofing our home has come into paramount importance. The wool rug in my husband’s study has received most of the abuse, but thankfully, it is a wool rug, and able to be cleaned. Wool is one of the best fibers to use for rugs. It has properties that help to pull allergens that float in the air into the fibers, making it a first choice for allergy sufferers! Lucky for me, and Frasier, the natural wool cleans like a champ! It may can stand another day or two of abuse, although I am not sure that I can stand it!

#frasiercharles in constant motion!

I think that I have been reading training for dogs BY dogs, something called How to Train your Owners as I seem to be losing the battle currently!

There are new “pet friendly” carpets and rugs that I have used at client’s homes that do work beautifully, and don’t come with the price tag of wool. The Pet Protect Stainmaster carpets and rugs clean and wear incredibly well, even with the toenails. We don't want snags in the carpets!

Pictured: Secret Passage by Distinctive Carpets available through designers #distinctivecarpets

We love our pets, and we want to be able to live with them long term! Careful planning and preventative measures can keep our homes looking good for pets and owners alike!

#frasiercharles on an antique wool rug and a sock


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